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Common Kitchen Layout Types

The kitchen layout is crucial when creating your kitchen design. The right kitchen layout will make your kitchen functional and practical. Whether you have a limited kitchen space or a large and free-flowing space, a practical layout will make the most out of your space.

Your kitchen has to be functional and practical because you do many things in your kitchen, such as cooking, food preparations, eating, and more. It would be best to seek professional help from Kitchen Design Vancouver experts in choosing the suitable layout for your new Kitchen Paint Vancouver based on your needs, lifestyle, and budget.

At Kitchen Design Vancouver, several kitchen layout types are commonly used to design our client’s kitchen. Here are some of the common kitchen layouts we use:

  1. The One Wall Kitchen
    The one-wall kitchen layout is often found in smaller kitchens because it is space-efficient without compromising functionality. The working triangle in this type of layout is flattened into a straight line. Cabinets are installed against one wall, and you can have lower and upper cabinets of shelving on the top of base cabinets, which creates a clean aesthetic.

  2. The Galley Kitchen
    This kitchen layout is typical in narrow spaces. There are two walls facing each other, and each wall is loaded with appliances, storage, and counter space. The galley kitchen is a practical floor plan and one of the most efficient kitchen layouts you may have. The stove and sink are usually placed on opposite walls in the galley kitchen. However, this layout has some disadvantages, and one of them is its traffic flow. Traffic flow issues may arise when galley kitchens have to be traffic paths to other areas of the home. So, people traveling to the other side of the kitchen and people working in the kitchen will bump into each other.

  3. The L-Shaped Kitchen
    The L-shape kitchen layout is practical and common for small and large kitchens alike, as it makes the most of corner spaces. It is often used with kitchens that have a dining area. It also offers excellent flexibility in the placements of work zones and appliances.

  4. The U-Shaped Kitchen
    The U-shaped kitchen layout is ideal for larger kitchens, and it consists of cabinetry next to three adjacent walls. This layout offers heaps of storage; however, it may feel enclosed if all three walls have upper cabinets. The U-shaped kitchen offers great workflow and multiple users at the same time.

These are only some of the kitchen layouts you may use for your new Kitchen Remodel Vancouver, depending on your needs, kitchen space, and lifestyle. So, to ensure you choose the right layout for your new kitchen, it would be best to contact Kitchen Design Vancouver.

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